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Blocks Description
Convert string to an array of letters
Convert a sentence into an array of strings (split by space character
Convert text into an array of strings
Report the parameter as a string, even if appears to be a number. This block is likely to be removed; a new GP feature allows one to force the contents of any editable input slot to be interpreted as a string.
Joins the given strings together
Joins a list of strings (e.g. letters, words, sentences) together
Reports number of characters in a string
Reports a substring
Reports a space character
Reports a tab space character
Reports a newline
Converts item to a string
Converts a string to a numerical value
Converts to uppercase (CAPTITALS)
Converts to lowercase (small letters)
Converts a string to a list of the Unicode values representing that string
Converts a list of Unicode values to a string
Reports the whole contents of an external file
Writes data to an external file
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