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How to Edit the GP Wiki


To help us organize our content, I've set up four folders (which Dokuwiki calls “namespaces”):

  • starting
  • reference
  • advanced
  • wiki

We can add additional folders as needed. The media manager has it's own folders. In general its a good idea to put images into the media folder matching the folder of the page where the image will appear. In some cases, however, its appropriate to use a special folder. For example, the “blocks” folder is used for all the block images used in the blocks reference.

Page Creation

To create a page, use the link button in the toolbar to make a link to the page-to-be. Type the name of the page (in the appropriate folder – e.g. “starting:usefulTips”) in the type-in box and hit enter. When you save this page, the link to the new page will be red. Click on that link. You'll get a message saying that the page doesn't exist yet. Click the edit button to create and edit the new page.

Embedding Images

First use the “Media Manager” to upload an image into the appropriate folder. Then click the “Add images” button in the toolbar and select the image you want to insert.

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