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If block *Example*

Wait until condition is true

Stop the script it is in from running. *Example*

Stop all scripts in project from running

Repeat loop a defined number of times

Loop while condition is true

Loop a defined number of times and supply the loop counter to blocks inside the loop (Click on to change its name)

Can be used as 2nd parameter in to change starting number…

… and/or size of the step

Used inside a loop to wait for screen refresh

Wait for a specific time period

Loop forever but automatically wait for screen refresh at the end of each loop

Run the following blocks when a key is pressed

Send a message to all instances on the Stage. Start scripts that begin with a 'when I receive' hat that matches the message. The Go button broadcasts the message 'go'

Attach data to the broadcast

Aim broadcast at specific instance or list of instances

Run following blocks when broadcast message is received

Access the data (if any) sent with the broadcast

Run the following blocks when instance is clicked

Run the following blocks whe instance is dropped.

Return a value (used when defining own blocks as reporter blocks)

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