Increasing VM Memory?

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Increasing VM Memory?

Post by Calloway » May 5th, '18, 01:55

Is there anyway to increase the VM memory from the default 2 GB?
Would you have to recompile from source?

Also is there any way to publicly view and report issues/push fixes to the source code such as on Github or some other Git site?

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Re: Increasing VM Memory?

Post by MSandro » May 18th, '18, 15:33

GP uses around 200 MB all the time on my system, even if the VM doesn't need all the memory.
And if the "memory used" block shows is right, GP seems to have some like a "memory leak" because, even if no project script is running, the used memory of the VM is rising fast, to about 90%. Then only a "collect garbage" triggered to reduce the need.

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