Feedback on v076

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Feedback on v076

Post by SimpleSi » Oct 10th, '17, 12:49

- Renamed 'animate' block to 'forever animate'
Great :)
Allow expand scripting area to almost completely hide palette It can also be made wider in non-retina mode screens
All working - maybe don't allow completely hiding the stage either as a little awkward to recover from doing that (especially if maximised)
- Fixed: Cannot create images the size of the stage with the paint editor
- Fixed: incorrect initial input slot value could be wrong when type switched to boolean
- Fixed: drag-n-dropping script on other classes to copy (several bugs)
Didn't even know this was an option in the 1st place :)

Experience so far
If I create another class and drag a block from MyClass to MyClass2, it springs back to MyClass.
When I switch to MyClass2 - the block is there
BUT when I go back to MyClass1 - it isn't there anymore

If I do this on my own defined block I end up with 2 blocks in the MyBlock category but only MyClass2 contains the block definition

Also, it would be nice to get a visual feedback when hovering over the class to drop it on to indicate its OK to let go mouse button

- Fixed: could create a blank category when exporting blocks to the palette
Never seen original issue
For advanced users, there are now better facilities for exploring and finding blocks in the underlying GP system:
It is better but I think its only for dedicated advanced users and still not a complete method of getting at some blocks

e.g byteAt - I cannot find a way of getting a block for this (or other primitives) without resorting to blockify methods

But at least the system can be used to find that it exists now :)


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