Version 76

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Version 76

Post by JohnM » Oct 9th, '17, 15:51

The latest version of GP, v076, is available from

This version fixes a number issues reported by users:

- Renamed 'animate' block to 'forever animate'
- Allow expand scripting area to almost completely hide palette. It can also be made wider in non-retina mode screens
- Fixed: Cannot create images the size of the stage with the paint editor
- Fixed: incorrect initial input slot value could be wrong when type switched to boolean
- Fixed: drag-n-dropping script on other classes to copy (several bugs)
- Fixed: could create a blank category when exporting blocks to the palette

For advanced users, there are now better facilities for exploring and finding blocks in the underlying GP system:

- The "SystemPalette" shows all the methods and functions define in the system and allows you to drag out blocks for use in the scripting area
- The right-click menu on the top of the SystemPalette allows you to search for system blocks, including "primtiives" -- functions built into the GP virtual machine. For example, if you search for primitives containing "socket" you'll find all the socket primitives.
- The ClassBrowser allows you to view (and edit!) the methods of a class, one method at a time

While many of these facilities existed in some form in earlier versions, they have been revised and expanded. Someone once mentioned that they needed a "trim" block to remove leading and trailing whitespace from a string. It is now easy to find block. If you can guess that its name might contain "trim", the "find system block..." command will find it. Or, if you guess that it might be defined in the class String, you can select "String" in the SystemPalette and hunt for likely-sounding blocks.

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