initial feedback on v81

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initial feedback on v81

Post by MSandro » Mar 31st, '18, 12:31

Hi, I was really looking forward to this update and I was not disappointed.
Thank you so much for the effort to fix all the bugs that (mostly) I have reported to you.
Now it's fun to use GP on my Ubuntu system again.

Everything, from the keyboard input issues to the export app issues in the last version are solved.

There is only one thing I've noticated after using the "export to app" function:
When resizing the window of my compiled GP projects, the stage flickers. I am not sure if this is also a os-depending glitch because I've only tested v81 only on Ubuntu until now. Would it be posible to make the windows of compiled projects be none-resizable? I think this would be better to prevent black borders on the edges of the stage. Or if posible to only allow diagonal resizing of the window.

The possibility to show/hidden shared blocks was a bit confusing at the beginning, because I was able to show a method in other classes so I had duplicates of the code from the shared block.

Maybe I'll update this post if I had tested other new features of this release.


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