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Saving from Browser

Post by mweinreb » Sep 23rd, '17, 20:17

Hello! I am brand new to GP, but am hoping to use it in my 8th grade technology course. As of right now, I can't download GP onto the computers (this will be changed in the next week or two), but want to get the students working on it, so I will have them use the browsers. Is it possible for the students to save/share their code and final result with me, so I can grade them?


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Re: Saving from Browser

Post by SimpleSi » Sep 24th, '17, 09:08

Based on just trying the browser a few times - I don't think its ready for class use

I'd say it is just a shop window onto GP at the moment

You can right-click on a class and export it but that's not going to be practical for multi-class projects

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Re: Saving from Browser

Post by JohnM » Sep 25th, '17, 00:15

Simon is partially correct: the browser version of GP is better for sharing projects than for creating them. By design, browsers prevent programs like GP from accessing the file system directly, and they place restrictions on features like copy-paste, full-screen presentation, and other features.

That said, you *can* create, save, and open GP projects in the browser, and that may be sufficient as an interim measure before you can get GP installed on your school's computers or file servers. Here are a few notes:

Clicking the save button downloads the current project to the browser's Downloads folder. On some browsers, the downloaded file is saved with the project name. On others (e.g. Safari), it gets a generic name and the users will need to manually rename it.

To open a project, drag and drop the project file (ending in .gpp) onto the browser window. The "open" button currently only works to open one of the Example projects built into the browser version.

They may be issues I don't know about, especially on browsers I haven't yet tested. Let me know if you have any problems.

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