Version 48

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Version 48

Post by JohnM » Jun 13th, '16, 22:00

The latest version of GP, v048, is at

There have been many improvements since the last version, so I will merely mention the highlights here.

• We've added support for simple vector graphics and blocks are now drawn using that.
• GP now does music! Facilities include a set of sample-based instruments, the ability to read MIDI files, and a "tune" block that plays a subset of ABC music notation.
• The old (hidden) "port audio" primitives have been replaced by a single "sound input" block.
• GP projects are now based on modules. Eventually, modules will allow multiple and extensions and projects to be loaded into GP without worrying about name conflicts.
• The TCPI/IP socket primitives are now supported on Windows, as well as Mac OS and Linux.
• The Mac OS version of GP is now bundled as an application, allowing you to open GP projects files by double-clicking.
• Projects can now be exported as stand-alone applications on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.

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