Version 44

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Version 44

Post by JohnM » Dec 10th, '15, 22:49

The latest version of GP, v044, is at

Block changes:
  • New 'ask' block to get string from user
  • New 'text to codes' and 'codes to text' blocks to convert between strings and lists of Unicode code points
  • Added optional border parameters to 'draw circle'
  • Use pixel-level precision in touchingSprite (not just the bounding-box intersection)
  • Rename category 'Numbers' -> 'Operators'
  • Rework Variables category
Other changes:
  • Added 'recover' function that one can run in the terminal window if GP gets an error to save the current project in a file named 'recoveredN.gpp' (it picks a unique file name)
  • Use Cairo to render turtle trails
  • Use Cairo to render authoring-level drawing commands (draw circle, etc.)
  • In Dev mode, add a Stage menu command to switch between Vector and Bresenham pen trails
  • When creating temporary variables, prompt for the new variable name
  • Try to avoid variable name conflicts when creating and renaming variables
  • When renaming a field variable, avoid conflicts with local variables
  • Do not offer the 'monitor' menu command for script variables
  • When resizing an imported image, crop transparent pixels
  • Increase the font size and bubble width of bubbles used for hints and 'say' block
  • Suppress 'delete' menu item for blocks in the palette
  • When expanding a block in the palette, pull it to the front so its collapse arrow can be pressed
  • Make the read/write file blocks save and read bitmaps as PNG files
  • Make the read/write file blocks save arbitrary objects using serialization
Bug fixes:
  • Fix: an elusive bug in 'duplicate' (and other menus) that could sometimes crash GP
  • Fix: cannot monitor shared variables

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