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Version 43

Post by JohnM » Nov 18th, '15, 14:31

The latest version of GP, v043, is at

Improved rendering:
  • Use Cairo vector graphics to draw blocks on all platforms
  • Auto-detect need to flip y when reading textures into bitmaps (should fix upside-down stack highlighting on some platorms)
  • Improved font rendering on Windows
Block changes:
  • 'set font' block no longer doubles the font size internally (that was a bug)
  • Replace log2, log10 with 'log _ base _' (works with any base)
  • Replace exp2, exp10 with '_ raised to _' (works with any base)
  • Replace 'go to back' block with 'go back by _'
  • Remove 'redraw costume' block
  • Remove 'get' block (replaced by 'of')
  • Rename 'animate' -> 'forever'
  • Rename 'increase rotation' -> 'turn'
  • Rename 'set rotation' -> 'set direction to'
  • Rename 'rotation' -> 'direction'
  • Rename 'local' to 'let'
  • Rename 'keep in owner' -> 'keep on screen'
  • Rename 'instantiate' blocks to 'add an instance' and 'new instance'
  • Add optional costume menu slot to many blocks that work on costumes (e.g. 'width')
  • Add blocks to snapshot a costume or the entire stage to the images tab
  • Add 'set color of pixel' block
  • Add 'of' block to access the fields and properties of another sprite
  • Add 'rename column' block
  • Rework 'Variables' category: organize by the three types of variable
  • Change default key for 'key is down' to 'right arrow' (so people don't try to test with the space key)
  • Change wording of 'clamp' block
Palette changes:
  • Split 'Looks' category into 'Looks' and 'Drawing'
  • Rename category 'Image' -> 'Pixels'
  • Move 'range' to 'Control'
  • Move 'to number' to 'Words'
  • Move 'set background color', 'set rotation point', width, and height blocks to 'Looks'
  • Reorganize/reorder blocks in some palettes (e.g. 'Math' and 'Motion')
  • Improve speed of block drawing when switching clases
  • Allow scrolling of long menus
  • Added "clear" button to delete all but the selected instance
  • Added menu commands to copy and paste scripts via the clipboard to make it easier to copy scripts between classes and projects
  • Keep the sprite rotation point fixed when changing costumes
  • Ensure that images/sounds unique names when importing or snapshotting
  • Allow editing of image/sound names
  • Put quotes around string results in talk bubble to show string/number difference
  • Make 'show' menu command reset alpha
  • Add 'detach' to instance thumbnail menu
  • Tweaks to make instance thumbnail menu consistent with developer mode meta-menu
  • Reorganize stage menu
  • Show return value from a stack of command blocks if not nil
  • Only show variable 'rename' menu item for the template variable, not on every copy
  • Shrink sounds when importing
  • Add an 'explore' menu item to variables and simple reporters in developer mode
  • Rename 'import image/sound' buttons to 'Add image/sound from file'
  • Change 'instances' label in sprite library to 'Instances of <class>'
  • Revert to normal blocks mode (vs. stealth blocks) when exiting developer mode
  • Get pixel block now interpolates between pixels
  • Don't ask for confirmation when exiting developer mode
  • Remove 'snapshot' function in stage menu (use 'snapshot stage' block instead)
  • Offer to reduce size of large imported images
Bug fixes:
  • Fix: isolated variable block in scripter area become blue and non-functional when project saved
  • Fix: shared variables not saved with project
  • Fix: sounds converted from mp3's do not play back at correct rate
  • Fix: table toString fails if a column name is nil
  • Fix: an exponential explosion of tasks cannot be stopped
  • Fix: block input fields sometimes become uneditable
  • Fix: crash when holding mouse down over a button in dialog box
  • Fix: zero-width costume causes crash
  • Fix: the digit '9' was being filtered out by key event handler (same keycode as caps lock)
  • Fix: make both delete and backspace keys generate a 'backspace' key event
  • Fix: draw scripter-to-instance arrow only within the page
  • Fix: table views and explorer windows not cleared when loading new project

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