Version 42

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Version 42

Post by JohnM » Oct 27th, '15, 20:01

The latest version of GP, v042, is at

New features and blocks:
  • New 'Looks' blocks: say, say nothing, go to back
  • New blocks for saving pictures into the images tab: snapshot stage, snapshot costume
  • Flood fill block now takes an optional threshold
  • Draw bitmap block now takes an optional scale
  • New 'Numbers' block: to number
  • New 'Data' blocks for set operations: union, intersection, without (set difference). These all work on lists, dictionaries, or arrays.
  • Reorgnaized 'Data' category
  • New 'Word' blocks: tab, newline
  • Ability to specify resolution when exporting images (allows creation of high-res PNG's for printing)
Changes to experimental (developer mode) blocks:
  • Added block: 'new cairo pen' (supported only on Macintosh for now)
  • Vector pen 'turn' block takes optional radius
  • Totally reworked the 'Table' blocks (Note: projects using these blocks may need minor updates)
  • Added a viewer for Tables
  • Added 'Image' category based on Mark Guzdial's pixel processing extension
  • Added new 'Functions' category
Internal changes:
  • Debugger now shows a more informative error message
  • Better handling of infinite recursion bugs
  • Fixed an infinite recursion bug in Morphic when clicking on a talk bubble
  • Blockify now creates a reporter if you put parentheses around the expression
  • Fixed minor bug involving the default failValue of toNumber
  • Added a new class SystemPen to eventually support block rendering using a vector pen

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