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Version 78

Posted: Nov 20th, '17, 15:29
by JohnM
The latest version of GP, v078, is available from

The only new feature is support for 64-bit Linux. This was tested on Ubuntu 14.4 and 16.4 plus a few other Linux distros. Not surprisingly, GP works best on variations of Ubuntu, such as Mint. The sound stutters a bit on Debian 8.9, and there are some graphics issues on Fedora. If you have problems running on with GP on Linux, please report them in the "Bugs" forum and I'll see what I can do. Be sure to mention what distro and version you have, as well as your processor architecture (e.g. Intel 32-bit, Intel 64-bit, ARM, etc.).

The release also fixes several bugs in v077 reported by users.