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Version 77

Posted: Nov 18th, '17, 19:53
by JohnM
The latest version of GP, v077, is available from

This version includes a number changes to the blocks palette (see below).

It also introduces some new ways to build and work with composite objects (objects with parts), as well as additional bug fixes and improvements.

Block name changes (projects using these blocks update automatically):

'forever animate' -> forever (changing this back to forever, based on feedback from several workshops with users)
'increase by' -> 'change by' (for all three kinds of variables)
'increase scale' -> 'change scale'
Change label of method definitions from 'define' to 'method'

New blocks:

unary minus
set text costume
set transparency; the range is 0 to 100 (opaque to fully transparent)

Blocks with functional changes:

broadcast (removed 'to' parameter)
gather (changed the parameter order)
instantiate (removed the optional 'data' parameter; parameters to initialize methods are no longer supported)
neighbors (with no parameters or 'within 0', reports instances of any class that actually touch the caller)
read file (added option to read 'binary' files)
stampCostume (changed the optional parameter from 'alpha' to 'transparency' with range 0-100 like 'set transparency')
touching (new menu options: 'any class', 'edge', and 'mouse')

Obsoleted blocks (will work for a while, but are red to show they are obsolete):

set alpha (replaced by 'set transparency')
touching mouse (replaced by generic "touching" block with 'mouse' selected in dropdown)

Initialization changes:

Instance variables are initialized to 0 (not nil) when instantiating user classes
'initialize method blocks' no longer show a data parameter
instantiate blocks no long have an optional data parameter
if your initialization method needs a parameter there are two options:
use a global variable (see the Dots demo project for an example)
call a method on the newly-created instance to set the parameters

Bug fixes:

Fix: Implementors of generic blocks gives error
Fix: Can't select color slot if color was set to transparent
Fix: Operation names with embedded spaces make shared method disappear when project re-opened
Fix: Windows delete key did not work in browser version
Fix: Paint editor did not work in browser version

Other improvements:

Add release number to the "version" dialog
Make "GP Version..." available in stage menu even when not in developer mode
Allow clicking anywhere on the input slot to get its menu if the slot is static (not editable)
Higher resolution rendering of exported block images (but not yet method/function definition)
Select imported class after importing
Improvements to class import/export functions
Check for negative input to ln, sqrt, raise, and logBase and give error instead of returning NaN
Increase scroll speed
Use first actual instance variable as the default in 'set' and 'change by' blocks
Add 'allow parts to be dragged in and out' mode to instances to make it easier to assemble composite objects
Allow a part to be attached to an instance by dropping another instance onto its thumbnail
Tweaks to class browser and system palette (dev mode)