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Version 75

Post by JohnM » Sep 20th, '17, 19:00

The latest version of GP, v075, is available from

This version fixes a number issues reported by users:
- Sometimes cannot delete a class
- Cannot copy/paste scripts containing function or method definitions
- Export/Import class did not save function and method definitions
- Automatic input slots tried to convert strings starting with digits such as '' or '5 + 6' into numbers

Additional improvements:
- Added a comment block
- Renamed many list (Data) blocks to (hopefully) be more self-explantory
- Removed a few seldom-used list blocks
- "is touching mouse" now returns true only for the top-most instance under the mouse
- Improvements to handling of named functions (e.g. '+') in iterator blocks
- The "when key pressed" block with "any" selected now get's symbol keys (always the unshifted version of the key)
- HTTP block now URL-encodes the path and treats empty path as '/'
- Menu for switching between input slot types is more self-explanatory: 'number or string', 'number only', 'string only'
- Options for switching between input slot types is available even when editing the slot
- Added a string literal block ("123" in Words)
- FilePicker no longer opens files when they are selected; user must double-click or click "okay" button

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