Version 41

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Version 41

Post by JohnM » Sep 30th, '15, 13:17

The latest version of GP, v041, is at

This version includes:
  • added a "doc" folder to the zip file
  • performance improvements that speed up certain projects (e.g. Mark's pixel manipulations)
  • improve peformance of isClass primitive
  • feature: ability to undo a block drop in the scripts pane ("undrop" in the right-click menu)
  • improved keyboard editing of scripts
  • changed some keyboard editing gestures (see gestures.txt in the doc folder)
  • improved the profiler
  • added blocks for serial port primitives (available only in Developer mode)
  • added experimental blocks to drawing vector paths/shapes using turtle-like commands (available only in Developer mode; likely to change)
  • bug fix: escape key does not exit presentation mode
  • bug fix: class and instance panes not updated in several cases (e.g. "Class name doesn't show up on new project")
  • bug fix: shared variables not removed when opening new project

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