Version 74

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Version 74

Post by JohnM » Aug 9th, '17, 14:06

The latest version of GP, v074, is available from

This version adds an additional shortcut to the file open/save dialog, Computer, that allows Windows users to access drives. On other platforms, "Computer" shows the top level of the file system. There is also a mechanism allowing an administrator to hide folder shortcuts in the file open/save dialog (including the new "Computer" shortcut).

In addition, this release also includes:
- on Windows, the delete key deletes the character after the insertion point and backspace deletes the before it
- use a file save dialog when exporting an application
- adds low-level support for reading files one byte or line at a time (needed for processing huge files)
- remove "speak" blocks (they only worked on Mac OS)
- make map and filter return lists not arrays
- don't show "Examples" shortcut when importing media files
- duplicate useful blocks in 'Drawing' and 'Pixels'
- FilePicker: hide 'new folder' when 'Computer' shortcut is selected

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