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Version 71

Post by JohnM » Jul 9th, '17, 00:32

The latest version of GP, v071, is available from

This version addresses the issue in v069 reported by SimpleSi: GP would crash on Windows when attempting to access the user's GP folder, desktop folder, or downloads folder. All of these symptoms involved a newly added function to get the user's home folder. The previous version, v070, simply worked around that issue by not trying access the user's home folder on Windows. This version fixes the underlying problem and restores the ability to store the user's GP projects in a GP folder in their Documents folder.

It is now possible to share one GP folder on a file server, with every user storing their GP projects into their own Documents/GP folder.

In addition, the Examples folder has been moved from the runtime folder to the top-level of the GP application folder. All projects in this folder are treated as read-only. The user can modify (remix) any example project, but when they save the project their modified version is stored in their personal GP folder. When GP is running on a server, teachers can add projects to the Examples folder to share them with their students. For example, a teacher might provide a GP simulation to explore or a starter project that they ask students to extend.

Finally, this version of GP also fixes the issue with non-ASCII file and path names on Windows. It's now possible put the GP application folder in a folder whose path contains arbitrary Unicode characters (e.g Japanese).

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