Version 66

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Version 66

Post by JohnM » Jun 9th, '17, 21:43

The latest version of GP, v066, is at

This version reorganizes the GP folder to move most of the support folders such as the instruments and MIDI file folders into the runtime folder. In addition, the Windows and Linux versions of GP now read their libraries files from runtime/lib, so the batch and shell script files are no longer needed to launch GP on those platforms.

The Color Picker has been improved and now show the RGB value. It also allows you to choose a color from any pixel on the GP screen -- first mouse down on the color palette, then move the mouse over the the color you'd like to select.

The new PianoRollMIDIPlayer project allows you to switch between any of the MIDI files in the runtime/midi folder and displays notes more efficiently, allowing MIDI fiels with more tracks to be handled smoothly.

Note for Mac OS X Sierra users:

Sierra has added additional security features. To run GP, you must first unzip it, then drag the file into the Applications folder. Then, select "Open" from the right-click menu. This should allow you to run it after warning you that its not from the Apple App store. I believe that once that's been done, you can drag back into the GP folder and put the folder anywhere you like. I have not yet upgraded to Sierra, so I can't test this myself. Let me know if you have problems. Many thanks to Mark Guzdial, who helped me debug this puzzling problem.

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