Version 56

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Version 56

Post by JohnM » Nov 8th, '16, 21:56

The latest version of GP, v056, is at

Includes bug fixes and a lot of behind-the-scenes work to (eventually) support iOS.

  • • Long blocks now "line wrap"
    • Performance enhancements for the browser version of GP
    • Faster arrow drawing
    • Hanning windowing for the FFT primitive (cleaner FFT's)
Note for Mac OS X Sierra users:

Sierra has added additional security features. To run GP, you must first unzip it, then drag the file into the Applications folder. Then, select "Open" from the right-click menu. This should allow you to run it after warning you that its not from the Apple App store. I believe that once that's been done, you can drag back into the GP folder and put the folder anywhere you like. I have not yet upgraded to Sierra, so I can't test this myself. Let me know if you have problems. Many thanks to Mark Guzdial, who helped me debug this puzzling problem.

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