Version 54

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Version 54

Post by JohnM » Aug 1st, '16, 14:07

The latest version of GP, v054, is at

There are many improvements and bug fixes. Some of the bigger changes include:

• A clearer distinction between shared, instance, and script variables.
• A complete rework of the process of defining your own blocks, including the ability to define "shared blocks" that are shared by all classes.
• The ability to export blocks to a new palette category.
• The ability to import a project as an extension, making any blocks it exported to the palette available.
• Simplified and improved debugger.

Here's how to make and import an extension:

1. Create a new project and define some blocks. You can also define classes (or "helper classes") for your extension. For example, Mark's Pixel extension (created by hand) uses a Pixel helper class to represent the state of a pixel.

2. Export the blocks that users will need to use (i.e. the "API" of your extension) to the palette.

3. Save the project.

4. Open a new project, then select "load extension..." from the stage menu. Choose your extension project. Viola! The exported blocks will appear in the palette. Note that any helper classes in your extensions will be hidden, since they are part of the "implementation" of your extension.

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