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Version 81

Post by JohnM » Mar 31st, '18, 11:35

Version v081 of GP is now available from

This version fixes several issues arising from out-of-order and duplicated key-down events reported by the Gnome3 Linux desktop. Symptoms included doubled arrow key responses in text input fields and problems with the "find" box. GP now works around these issues.

Other features:
- the definition of methods and shared functions can now be hidden, allowing you to create classes with more code without the scripting area getting crowded
- more graceful display of large arrays in variable monitors
- fixed bug in 'listFiles' primitive that was causing 'export app' to fail
- added fast string search primitive, 'nextMatchIn'
- added optional 'binary' flag to readSerialPort
- added 'listSerialPort' primitive, although it is only implemented for Chrome Apps so far
- make it possible to play ABC tunes using a set of samples (e.g. a duck quack)
- fix size and aspect ratio of stage in 'export as app'
- In the Class Browser (a developer mode feature), use meaningful receiver (first argument) values for Boolean, Color, Float, Integer, and String classes
- allow input slot type to be changed even for a non-editable slot

(Note: v80 was a browser-only release to switch to using WebAssembly on browsers that support it.)

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