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Chromebook App

Post by GPTeam » Mar 30th, '18, 13:09

Update: After testing we found that (a) the GP Chrome App can fail to launch on Chromebooks with only 2 GB of RAM and (b) Chrome Apps cannot be installed on Chromebooks in many school settings. As a result, we have withdrawn support for Chrome Apps for now. We recommend simply using GP in the browser (that works well on Chromebooks we've tested).

Please contact the GP Blocks team (use the Contact Us link below) if you have a strong need for the Chromebook App in your setting.

Original announcement:

GP is now available as a free app for Google Chromebooks.

You can only see (and install) Chromebook apps if you are actually browsing on a Chromebook. If you are, a quick way to find GP is to go to, select the "Apps" checkbox, and search for "GP Blocks Language".

The GP Chromebook app is almost exactly the same as the browser version except that it's stored locally on the Chromebook so it can run offline. In addition, it has access to the clipboard, full-screen mode, microphone, and serial port.

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