GP to enter beta test in July

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GP to enter beta test in July

Post by GPTeam » Jun 3rd, '17, 20:11

As you may have noticed, the banner for the forum recently changed to "GP Beta Test Forum" in preparation for entering beta test in July. The official launch of GP beta test will be at the Scratch conference in Bordeaux, France July 18-22 (, but we are already welcoming new members to the forum.

As part of this transition, the registration process for new accounts has been automated. Those requesting a forum account will get an email with instructions on how to activate their account. Feel free to invite anyone who might be interested in GP to join the forum.

We welcome everyone who wishes to try GP to join the GP community. I hope that those who have been using GP during alpha test will share their knowledge and experience with newcomers.

GP users span a wide range of ages and experience levels, from those just getting started to those who know many programming languages. Whatever your level, you are welcome! We hope that the GP Forum will grow into a place like the Scratch community where beginners are encouraged, community members treat each other with kindness and respect, and everyone shares their knowledge, experience, problems, and triumphs.

-- The GP Team

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