GPower - GP with some powerfull features!

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GPower - GP with some powerfull features!

Post by MSandro » Jul 12th, '18, 08:29

This is my frist GP modification it will contain several improvements for advanced GP programmers.

What I've already done:
  • improved the AppMaker You are now able use all parts of GP, like the ProjectEditor which is needed to import classes, By default you are not able to enter the project editor in a app, but you can use parts of it for automation.
  • changed the stage to a ratio of 16:9 and HD resolution 1280x720
  • added two new categorys to dev mode: Dictionary and Developer
  • add a settings menu (some changes like stage ratio/resolution needs a restart of GP. So change what you want, then click on "save" and finally on "quit GP".
    > set stage ratio
    > set stage resolution
    > enable or disable Keyboard-Input-Workaround-for-Linux (because long press a key is currently not posible)
    > enable fullscreen presentation

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