Primitives table with help text.

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Primitives table with help text.

Post by MSandro » May 22nd, '18, 08:13

Hi, during my attempts to understand GP better, I came across the block (primitives) that outputs an array of all primitive commands. In combination with (primitiveHelpString '') I used GP to print a table with all the primitives and their help text.
A few did not have any help text, I added a short comment there.
I hope that helps those who deal with the functioning of GP.

Because I can't upload .csv files, I've added .gp as file extension. Remove ".gp" and open the file with your prefered spreadsheet program.
Here is the file:
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Re: Primitives table with help text.

Post by Picochilla » May 28th, '18, 20:06

Thank you, that is interresting, I thought GP can access more than only about 300 primitives :(
It would be nice if we could extend GP at C level to add new primitives, for example for simpler interfaces with external programming languages such as Python or Lua, or generally to better interact with the operating system.

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