debugger view causing a crash

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debugger view causing a crash

Post by nagle » Jun 10th, '16, 02:09

I can reproduce this one on request. I am a little hazy on the steps, but I want to get it down while I have something in my memory:

In the gp program attached (running on 0.47), I run the program, get an error, and then after hitting enter a few times and then exit, the debugger floods the terminal with errors (screen shot of terminal attached) and then crashes.

Happy to get a little more precise with how to recreate this issue if that's helpful!
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Re: debugger view causing a crash [FIXED]

Post by JohnM » Jun 3rd, '17, 21:03

Several debugger problems were fixed shortly before SIGCSE 2017, and I'm assuming this one was as well.