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Resolution Issues Windows 10 [FIXED]

Posted: Jan 11th, '16, 21:28
by JasonEnright
I have just recently updated to Windows 10. I was experiencing lag on windows 7, and as my friends with windows 10 had no lag, I assumed upgrading would be beneficial. However, after updating, when I tried to run gp, the screen resolution dropped. It is also of note that the lag also persisted. This may be an issue on my end, but would just like to alert you to this possible bug. Thank you!


Re: Resolution Issues Windows 10

Posted: Jan 11th, '16, 21:33
by JasonEnright
Okay, so we fixed the resolution issue by re-downloading GP and changing some graphics options. However, the lag persists, as I average about 4-8 frames per second.

Re: Resolution Issues Windows 10

Posted: Jun 3rd, '17, 21:22
by JohnM
I'm guessing that the lag on your machine (vs. your friends) is due to your graphics card. GP makes heavy use of textures and some older graphics cards do not handle some of the operations as quickly as they might. Sorry about that!

This is an old problem report, and we've made many improvements to GP's rendering system, so I'm going to mark this as fixed. Feel free to re-submit if you are still having problems.