key is down event really funky! [FIXED]

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key is down event really funky! [FIXED]

Post by ursulawolz » Oct 21st, '15, 01:09

Try this:
drag the "key is down space" reporter into the workspace. Hold down the space bar and then click on the reporter to see what it returns.
For me it turns into a text version and inserts spaces wherever the mouse was in the string. When I move the mouse away it returns to a block,
but the block is weird. Will sent pictures if it can't be replicated.

Other keys work fine.
However ANY block clicked when space bar is held down turns to text.....

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Re: key is down event really funky!

Post by Jens » Oct 21st, '15, 10:23

That's a GP dev mode feature, not a bug.
Space + click is a special meta-gesture that "textifies" blocks into the bootstrapping representation. It's only available in dev mode, not in user mode.

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Re: key is down event really funky!

Post by JohnM » Nov 20th, '15, 15:44

It seems totally natural to want to test the "key is down" block by holding down a key and clicking on it. The default key value is now "right arrow", so users who are casually testing this block less likely to accidentally get into keyboard-input mode by mistake.