double blocks [RESOLVED]

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double blocks [RESOLVED]

Post by emodrow » Aug 9th, '16, 07:42

Why "width" and "height" double in palettes "looks" and "pixels"?

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Re: double blocks

Post by JohnM » Jun 3rd, '17, 20:47

Those blocks are useful in both contexts. Having them in both places saves users from switching between palettes to get blocks.

I think there are some other examples, such as the "random color" and "transparent" blocks.

With the "find block" feature introduced in v64, there is less need to switch between palettes. If you know the name of a block you usually get it by typing just few characters, so perhaps it is less important to duplicate blocks in multiple places. On the other hand, the cost of duplicating them is small. The main downside I see is that the duplicate blocks make the palette seem to have a few more blocks than it actually does.