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Red Eye Removal

Posted: Jan 27th, '16, 23:08
by mguzdial
This one is interesting because it requires a bit of searching to find the eye pixels and then find the red, so it's a more complex algorithm than we usually do in MediaComp.

You'll need the pixels extension to get the X and Y of the pixel.

Re: Red Eye Removal

Posted: Feb 10th, '16, 20:28
by JohnM
Cool! It seems like magic!

When you zoom in, you can see that the reflection in the eyes still has some red in it. One might imagine an extension of this that finds the reflections and maps the color to a shade of gray, keeping the same brightness values. This would be a second test, after turning the bright red pixels to black.

I'm not sure how the result would look; let me know if you try it.