gpt3demo - how to connect to GPT-3 using GP Blocks

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gpt3demo - how to connect to GPT-3 using GP Blocks

Post by manyone » Feb 19th, '22, 05:59

i finally managed to connect to GPT-3 using the method enabled by @calloway that allows us to connect to url's starting with https.
i'm sure you've heard about GPT3 by now. it's this super AI that has scanned and assimilated the whole internet and is capable of generating all kinds of text after you provide it with a simple prompt. this is probably an oversimplification on my part. you can visit the site and read about it there.

i signed up so i could get my api key and i could start playing using GP Blocks to connect to GPT-3. Here's the program. Warning: IT WON'T RUN AS IS, OUT OF THE BOX! i had to erase my api key for obvious reasons. you will need an api key in order to make the api calls.
(8.32 KiB) Downloaded 854 times
Let me just show you a few screen shots i got while playing with it. in each case, you will see my prompt in the input text field, and GPT-3's response in the speech balloon next to the block. i am both impressed and scared that this thing appears to understand what i said and even manages to respond appropriately. you can appreciate what GPT-3 can do by looking at the examples at the site. - compared to these, my prompts are BORING!
is GPT-3 free? by signing up, i got my own api key - plus i've been given a credit of $18 worth of tokens that i can use for a 3 month period. i get charged for the amount of tokens i've created and the engine time i've used. ten (10) tokens is about 7.5 words. to give you an idea, i've been playing with GPT-3 for the past 4 days and i've only used up $1.00! i probably won't use all my credits unless i generate essays every day - maybe i should start a blog?! i'll just decide what to do after 3 months.

ultimately, the quality of generated text depends on the way you input your prompt. (pardon the ones i've used!) people are now talking about prompt engineering, strategies for formulating the best prompts and already, there are dozens of links available on this subject. here's one of my favorites: ... 2011839893

i've been having a blast playing with GPT_3 - and i've only been playing the Completions module - because it's the one that's most popular. I urge you to sign up and start playing with it through this program. when are you are ready to expand, i suggest you start playing at the playground.


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