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Make and Match – A Game

Posted: Dec 10th, '17, 17:26
by mr-dave
This is the classic memory matching game with a slight twist – you can change the
appearance of five of the cards.

The program starts after clicking "Go" in the card editing mode with a very small number
of drawing options.
Hold down the mouse button to draw with either black or the card background color –
and there is a clear button for each card.

Click Begin Match Game to see the 20 cards that must be paired up – which you
can start doing after a brief “show” of the different cards.

A perfect score is 10. You’ll lose a point for each mistake.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think (bugs, questions, suggestions, even love-its and favorites
if they ever become available).

I know about the problem where the screen must be in Normal Stage Size for drawing.
I think that’s a problem with GP.

Also, I know about the problem where some of the cards look “dirty” around the edges.
JohnM helped me with that one but I did not go back and fix the cards that I had made.

Turning over the cards may feel a bit slow. I had to add a wait to avoid having
some clicks do nothing. I wonder if “when clicked” starts a separate instance of that
script for each click or if GP thinks you’re trying to grab a non-grabbable instance
and just throws away the mouse click. -- So, just go slowly when clicking on the cards.
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Re: Make and Match – A Game

Posted: Dec 10th, '17, 18:16
by SimpleSi
Very nice :)

I'd like it if after pressing Go - the original images were displayed and not the ones I've modified (or add a restore original images button?)

Colour picker sprite for pen wasn't obvious to me - maybe needs a label on it?