[GUI-Factory ALPHA] Predefined GuiForms

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[GUI-Factory ALPHA] Predefined GuiForms

Post by MSandro » Nov 12th, '17, 16:24

Hi, I am working on a project wich should make it much easier to create predefined objects (Gui Forms).
Currently, only buttons are available, but many other forms are planed.

If you want to use this in your project, please remember the following:
  • to change the default look of your buttons, use the "GuiForm" Class and not define it in the "mainFunction".
  • the "mainFunction" of each button is ment as the inizialisation script, e.g. you can define a Appearance animation there.
  • if you want to import this project as extension, first you have to define the look of the button for your own claims, then you have to save the changes and import it in your project.
  • if you have imported this project as extension, it will not show or create any visible class. The created buttons/instances will appear correctly, but you can't edit the class.
  • the class "inputControl" will be used in the upcoming TextBoxes for text input.
  • you are not allowed to publish your own version of this tool, but you can send me your "remix" to sugest the changes.

Planed features

shortcut-control (accessibility-feature)
This will allow to access all GUI elements by the use of a keybord.

better and easier customization
enabling more optional inputs in the "new Button" block. E.g. background color, font, font size, font color,


Update v0.0.2:
fixed the issue with the button functions by spliting the function in two
parts: mainFunc for the personalized inizialisation of an button, and
clickFunc to define the action when the button is clicked.

Update v0.0.3:
fixed the issue with the init-functions by using broadcasts, now every button can be defined completely separated.

Update v0.0.4:
Prepaired the tool to be imported as extension. Fixed some issues.
Now it should work very well. Only one thing you should remember if you want to use this version:
All button-instances must be created in the same frame, so you can not insert a "wait" between the "new button" blocks.
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Re: [GUI-Factory ALPHA] Predefined GuiForms

Post by Picochilla » Nov 15th, '17, 21:46

Wow, this looks realy interesting, it may going to be a powerful tool.

1. split every gui-form in a separat class, because many forms in one class would cause complications.
2. add more trigger scripts: key pressed, broadcast recieved, when tracking
3. please don't add to much look-options to the blocks, because I think there should be a default look for every elements, wich can be cusomized in the GuiForms class
4. as an alternative to the look-options in the creator blocks, you may try to implement JSON config files.

I don't know Json very well but I try to give you an example:

Code: Select all

  "buttons" {
    "*": { // for all buttons
      "BgColor": "#ffffff",
      "Transparence": 100,
      "Shape": "circle",
      "FontColor": "#000000",
      "FontType": "Arial",
      "FontSize": 24
      "buttonLabel": { //only for the button with this specified label
      "BgColor": "#afafaf",
      "Transparence": 75,
      "Shape": "rectangle",
      "FontColor": "#000000",
      "FontType": "Arial",
      "FontSize": 18
I know this will be very complicated to realize but I think it is posible.
Maybe if you've finished the main functionality of the buttons, it would be nice of you if you would post a nice example project.

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Re: [GUI-Factory ALPHA] Predefined GuiForms

Post by MSandro » Nov 16th, '17, 08:35

Hi, thank you very much for your interest and the suggestions.
  1. yes I will split every form in separate classes until I've finished the main work on the buttons. Maybe in v0.1.x I want to start with the TextBoxes.
  2. more trigger scripts would be great, I will create maybe two "receive" and tow "key pressed" trigger, and one of all other triggers. If someon needs more "receive" he has to add it by them self, it should be posible with the use of lists.
  3. this seems to be true, the GUI-Factory was ment as a tool to make it easier to create programms with a default look on every element.
  4. I konow Json, but I've not played a lot with GPs Json en- and decoder. Maybe I can implement some config-file in the future.

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Re: [GUI-Factory ALPHA] Predefined GuiForms

Post by MSandro » Nov 30th, '17, 08:48

Stopped work because of troubles with the port to the new version v077 and newer.

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