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GP Hub

Post by MSandro » Oct 21st, '17, 16:55

Hello there!
Today I want to tell you something about my huge GP project:
I am working on a project named “GP Hub” it is not usable at the time, currently I am in an early testing phase. But I want to tell you something about it now, because I think it will be great.

So, let’s start with what GP Hub will be:
I think GP needs a place for developers and users, maybe something like an online store. Also, I think the GP cloud data functionality is not safe and so I also want a place where developers can control and view over there online resources. And I know the GP "IDE" is writen in GP, so I will write the GP hub with GP.

The GP Hub should be spliced into two parts: The Store and the Dev-Section.
The store should be the place for the users to find and try out nice GP projects. Users should be able to search for projects, download and try them, rate them, leave comments and more.
In the Dev-Section developers should be able to start new projects. I see the main potential of the Dev-Section in cloud-based projects. Developer should be able to get some cloud storage for any of their projects (maybe 1 GB per project at default). The developer will get a random code for his projects to use the cloud storage. This code would be like the “user” in the default cloud blocks in GP. I will use “sha256” hash values to improve the security of the cloud data interaction a bit. Every project will get its own cloud login (code) and the developer can use as many channels (key) as he wants in a project. In the GP Hub Dev-Section the developer can view and manage all the cloud data.

Wow this sounds very complicated and is this all realizable in GP???
Yes therefore I am in an early test phase. Currently I am playing around with GPs cloud data server, I am working on modular projects (automatically import, delete and export classes) to allow an easy updateable system. I also try to enhance the security of the cloud interaction, working on p2p connections and much more. My current work looks good, I try to realize some ground stuff befor starting with the main project to check if all is posible with GP currently.

I have not so much time to work on this huge project, it will surely take several months until I can release the first ALPHA version.
I hope you like my work, and if you have any questions or ideas, please don’t hesitate to submit them, it would be also nice if you can tell me your opinion about this project.

Have a nice Day!

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Re: GP Hub

Post by Picochilla » Oct 22nd, '17, 09:26

Wow, this seems to be very usefull, I am realy exciting to try it out.

I have a question about the projects wich can be downloaded from the store:
Do you also plan something like a API (extension for the project) to have an general install process or so the projects can be started and managed in the GP Hub?

I think this would be very gread. I also would like if I can help you with some parts.

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Re: GP Hub

Post by MSandro » Oct 22nd, '17, 11:15

Hi, thank you for your interest.

Yes, this is a nice idea. To offer a API for publishing projects in the GP Hub would be nice. And if I understood you correctly you also want something like an "App-Drawer" to browse throw the installed projects.

Hmm, maybe if I have more time to work on the GP Hub, I can go throw my experiments and maybe I find some part on which you can work on. But mainly I want to create nearly the whole project by myself.

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Re: GP Hub

Post by JohnM » Oct 27th, '17, 16:38

It would be great to have a way for people to share GP projects! It would also be nice to have a more secure and reliable way to use cloud data.

Both of those systems would difficult for a single person to create and support if the GP community were the size of the Scratch community (around 20 million users). There is a whole team of people that support the Scratch cloud these days, and the traffic is so great that they've had to move more and more of the servers to the Amazon cloud to allow things to scale.

Fortunately, the GP community is still small enough that you can probably support both project sharing and cloud data sharing systems on a single server. That makes this a great time to do this project. And I really love the idea of building it all in GP.

I suspect you'll find that it becomes cumbersome to write large amounts of code with the current GP UI. SimpleSi has already run into some of those issues (e.g. not enough vertical space for scripts) and has been suggesting ways to make GP scale up to handle larger amounts code (e.g. screen layout changes, editing only one script at a time). I'd definitely like to make GP more scalable, so let me know where you run into problems.

Please keep us posted!

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Re: GP Hub

Post by MSandro » Oct 31st, '17, 15:37

Thank you very much for your support!

Yes, I know, it would be very complicated to manage the system, when the community grows bigger. But I think it would be nice to begin with this project as soon as possible. I own a root-server with 1 TB storage, so I think I can offer enough space for the begin. I am also using Docker for better resources-usage and security for my applications.

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