soundExtension for manipulating samples

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soundExtension for manipulating samples

Post by mguzdial » Dec 4th, '16, 18:49

I'm attaching the soundExtension that I've been working on, along with a makeEcho example.

The soundExtension provides a set of new blocks for manipulating sound sample arrays. If you open it as a project, you can see a bunch of examples at the top of the script area.
soundExtension.jpg (20 KiB) Viewed 6082 times
If you open a new project, you can load the soundExtension as an extension, and then build with those blocks. They show up in the Sound Samples palette. The makeEcho project uses them:
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Re: soundExtension for manipulating samples

Post by JohnM » Dec 16th, '16, 18:22

Very nice set of blocks for working with sound. This extension works well for me in both Desktop GP and Browser GP (on a MacBook Pro).

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