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Fuzzy Search

Post by manyone » Sep 1st, '23, 09:31

i came across a fuzzy search algorithm embedded on page 28 of this government publication https://www.bing.com/ck/a?!&&p=c7e8b224 ... cGRm&ntb=1

it is actually an improved version of Soundex, which maybe the first algorithm for converting names to codes which represent the numeric value of their phonetic equivalent. It was a good idea at that time and it could treat similar sounding names as fuzzy matches.

however Soundex was too simple. This method, Roger Root Method claims to be an improvement over Soundex. The nice part is that the algorithm is easy to implement in GP Blocks.

here's snapshot of my program demo showing how different variations in the spelling of Davies all turn out to have the same roger root code!
and here's the program. (the function roger_root is used to obtain the code for a single name).
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