Amortization Schedule

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Amortization Schedule

Post by manyone » Jul 10th, '22, 08:14

amortization table anyone?
i've always wondered about the Table components in the component gallery of GP blocks. i've decided to use them in building this amortization program. at the start, it asks for the loan amount (800000), the annual interest rate (4.8), the payment period (360 - # of payments to pay off the loan) and the month when to start payment. when you browse the program later, you will see that it's very easy to use tables. you create it at the start and define the column names. to populate, simply add a new row with a list containing the values expected in the columns. it's that simple. it even has a command for saving the generated table to a csv file.

the table was generated just like that (it was fast). below is the top of the table (note that the old balance starts at 800000).
this screenshot shows the bottom part of the table. note that the latest period (month 360) has an ending balance of zero (fully paid).
and this is what the csv file looks like.
the only thing i couldn't control was the formatting of the display of the balance fields. GP insists on rounding them to the units position (ie. no cents), but i know the computations are done with floating point precision because there were no rounding errors in the end.

here's the program:
(17.76 KiB) Downloaded 80 times

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