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Re: After-school club using GP

Post by SimpleSi » Oct 26th, '17, 15:51

Just did the last session with this group

Right-click in presentation mode didn't work as the background class prevents the stage background being clicked (The display was in 4:3 mode as it was connected to an old projector so whole screen taken up with the background)

So I'll remember to add in a "go button" class next time

Or maybe right-click could be enabled for the background? i.e if you right-click on the furthest back instance its the same as right-clicking an empty spot on the stage?

But no other issues apart from need to add the default wait loop to repeat loops that have moving objects in them

I still think having drawers on all the loops to enable screen refresh would be a good idea

At a minimum we need to have separate block for wait for screen refresh as the one wait block that has dual roles is hard to explain - I just have to say "this is the way it is"

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