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An Update?

Posted: May 24th, '19, 13:26
by Calloway
Hey John I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the project?
It seems it has kind of slowed down :/

Re: An Update?

Posted: May 29th, '19, 08:41
by MSandro
As far as I know, John has almost no time for the project, and there are no supporters to fund the project. Therefore, it seems rather dying out. A pity. I would be very happy if at least the source code of the engine would be published. That would allow the community to continue the project.

Re: An Update?

Posted: May 30th, '19, 00:45
by Calloway
I might be able to donate or try and rally supporters for this project if there was some sort of patreon or gofundme or something

Re: An Update?

Posted: Jun 3rd, '19, 13:20
by JohnM
Yes, the GP project has slowed to a crawl since we lost funding around two years ago. Jens went back to working on Snap!, which has most of the things GP has but they work better and Snap! is being actively evolved.

I've been working on MicroBlocks (, a blocks-based system for programming microcontrollers like the BBC micro:bit. The MicroBlocks IDE is built on GP, so I sometimes add things to GP to support that.

I really appreciate the support and enthusiasm of the GP community -- especially you guys -- and I wish I had the time to continue to work on GP (and, ideally, the funding to have a small team working on it).

MSandro, I so plan to release the source code for the engine (virtual machine) at some point. However, I need to clean up a few things before I do that and, since I have a super-busy schedule through the end of August, it may not happen until fall. As you guys know, the rest of the source code is already available on Github.