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Rename the stage to something else

Posted: Mar 18th, '19, 08:04
by SimpleSi
such as canvas or background etc

The "Stage" is a well-known construct in Scratch

it is the background sprite and can hold scripts (albeit with reduced types of blocks) - the colour can be changed - it can be loaded with an image

GP's "stage" is not a sprite and cannot hold scripts or have its colour changed or loaded with an image

The main thing in common with them is the ability to use Pen tools to draw over it.

I'm always maintaining that primary target of GP is Scratchers moving on, so I'm after anything to help (or lessen confusion) when they are moving on

If something is quite different in GP, then it shouldn't use same name as Scratch.
Main example is how GP has classes and instances
(We tell Scratchers that these are "like" sprites and clones)

So we should call the background something else in GP and explain its "like" the stage

Alternatively - have a non-deleteable class called Stage :)


Re: Rename the stage to something else

Posted: Mar 25th, '19, 05:30
by Calloway
Whiteboard? Background? Layer 0?
Is the name aiming to be kid friendly or just different from Scratch's?

Re: Rename the stage to something else

Posted: Jun 3rd, '19, 13:52
by JohnM
Good point! I don't have time to change the now, but if and when I return to active GP development (it could happen in a few years), it would make sense to give it a different name to avoid confusion with Scratch. "Background" might be good.