Discord for better communication?

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Discord for better communication?

Post by MSandro » Sep 5th, '18, 06:27

I'm not sure, but I think some of you agree that the communication in the GP community through the forum is not the best. I thought about how we could communicate better with GP users. I think that many GP users are not using the forum. The registration in the forum could also confuse some. To make the communication a bit more modern, I would recommend creating a Discord server. Discord is used by many people to communicate with people in text chat and voice chat.
I have already many experience with discord so I could create and manage the server. In addition, I would then recommend to place a link in the menu of the homepage to draw attention to it.

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Re: Discord for better communication?

Post by Calloway » Sep 8th, '18, 15:59

Why not an IRC server?
It would be a lot simpler to setup and get people to join due to anonymousity and also is a vastly more supported platform (IRC clients and web IRC clients)

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