Do in Parallel Block?

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Do in Parallel Block?

Post by Calloway » Jun 24th, '18, 22:34

So with the new release of Snap! came a new c-block in it called do in parallel
Anyway this could be implemented in GP?

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Re: Do in Parallel Block?

Post by SimpleSi » Jun 26th, '18, 11:23

came a new c-block in it called do in parallel

I can't see one

What does it do?

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Re: Do in Parallel Block?

Post by SvenJ » Jun 26th, '18, 13:43

Technically, it's not a new block. Jens merely added the functionality of having blocks look like (Source: ... st-3151745, scroll down a bit). I think he means the black arrows, specifically.

As for the actual block itself, it executes multiple scripts concurrently. However, it's always been possible to make a block that does that. All you need is the "launch"-Block and a bit of fiddling around with custom blocks in Snap.

GP does not currently support C-shaped custom blocks, as far as I know. Because of this, you currently can't implement this feature in GP. As for future developments, maybe John could give some insight :)

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Re: Do in Parallel Block?

Post by MSandro » Jun 26th, '18, 14:18
yes gp doesn't support custom c-block atm, but you can create them by yourself with some manual work. Under Advanced > Tips > How to create C-Blocks (build a launchFor block) you can find my tutorial. It is posible to build a launch c-block, so I think it should be posible to create a block to run scripts parallel.

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