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Suggestion for the GP stage

Post by Picochilla » Mar 26th, '18, 16:40

Hi, here are some ideas how to change how GP displays projects:
> change the stage ratio to 16:9
> change the resolution to 1920x180
I thin those settings would be nice because most of the today's screes are in Full HD and 16:9.
> also please add a fullscreen mode

It would be very nice if you could implement my suggestions.
Thank you very much

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Re: Suggestion for the GP stage

Post by MSandro » Mar 26th, '18, 20:04

Hi, realy nice ideas, but I am not sure if GP is fast enoght to handle complex animations in Full HD.
But if this is no problem for GP, it would be realy nice.

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Re: Suggestion for the GP stage

Post by JohnM » Mar 27th, '18, 00:17

The current stage ratio is 16:10, which is one of the standard display ratios between the the old 4:3 ratio and the HD 16:9 ratio. That ratio gives a little more horizontal space for scripts when you're writing code so it seems like a reasonable compromise.

Eventually, it would be nice to allow a choice of several aspect ratios, including portrait mode for design apps for phones. Another approach would be to allow the stage to adjust it's size to completely fill the available space (in full-screen mode). However, that would require users to customize their code to adjust to the available space so that things like buttons were not offscreen. So, more flexibility but more responsibility. Perhaps "fill screen" could be one of the options.

I don't think this feature will be implemented in the short term, but I will put it on the long-term wish list.

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