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.mp3 files

Posted: Mar 22nd, '18, 20:47
by Gosha
Can GP read .mp3 files? If it can, how? Thanks.

Re: .mp3 files

Posted: Mar 23rd, '18, 09:09
by MSandro
Hi, I am sure GP support WAV files, I think MP3s can't be selected in the "add sound from file" dialog. So MP3 is not supported yet.

Re: .mp3 files

Posted: Mar 23rd, '18, 14:48
by Gosha

Re: .mp3 files

Posted: Mar 25th, '18, 14:11
by JohnM
As MSandro says, MP3 files are not yet supported.

As you probably know, there are online MP3->WAV converters, but I realize that's not convenient if you want to deal with many MP3 files.