Hold "Office Hours" once launched

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Hold "Office Hours" once launched

Post by MrSteve » Nov 29th, '17, 01:18

Might be a nice idea once GP is launched to have an "Office Hour" hangout where folks can ask questions and ideally ask some questions in advance and the instructor could demo how certain things are done. Would be willing to help for kids or teacher office hours.

At some point would also be to have a developer mode "office hour" as well.

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Re: Hold "Office Hours" once launched

Post by JohnM » Dec 5th, '17, 17:03

Nice idea, and thanks for offering to help.

I'd be happy to organize a "developer mode" office hour on Google hangouts some time, if there is interest, perhaps in January.

Anyone who is interested in that, please post on this thread and indicate what time of day (on a weekday) would work for you.

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