[Big Suggestion]Make co-ord same for all objects

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[Big Suggestion]Make co-ord same for all objects

Post by SimpleSi » Oct 13th, '17, 21:53

i.e make x==1,y==1 top left for everything

Because having 2 completely different co-ord systems for the screen and internal bitmaps is just confusing

And since the Scratch direction/turning convention has been ditched - then maybe ditch having 0,0 as centre of screen as well and make x==1,y==1 top left of all objects

it is pretty much the standard in every programming language (well most use 0,0 but GP is a 1-based language so we need to go with 1,1)

This comes after spending time moving objects around on the screen and at the same time drawing inside costumes - having two systems is just naff!

Make x==1,y==1 bottom left for all objects (This would be my personal pref as I always think its more logical that increase in Y goes up the screen)

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