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Make instances simpler to look at

Posted: Oct 7th, '17, 15:12
by SimpleSi
When creating instance methods - hide the this and args because they are
  1. Quite complex and a bit overwhelming to look at for newbies - and even oldies :)
  2. Not needed to be seen in a lot of projects unless they are passed arguments
Make default block look more like this
simple.PNG (3.08 KiB) Viewed 831 times

The class/instance philosophy of GP is one of its main features but it's probably the biggest challenge for Scratchers moving up the computing learning curve
So being confronted with
initialise.PNG (4.9 KiB) Viewed 831 times
could be very daunting

Now I understand the reason this is needed to reference other instances for advanced projects but is it necessary to be visible as a default?

Having looked thru all the start and demo projects very few use other instance references and quite a lot have no initialisation arguments
(the ones that do use other instance references are quite advanced and use developer only blocks in them)

PS All other parts of GP use foo as default slot name, so I'd also suggest that foo is used here instead of args as well