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deleting a class doesn't delete its shared blocks and methods!

Posted: Mar 30th, '18, 20:47
by MSandro
Hi, I am working on a sort of "modular" project. So I've created a class named "blocks" and created some shared blocks in it. Then I've expoted this class and noticated that GP did not deleted its methods and shared blocks ... I thought this is shourly not right, so I've tried to import the class, but as feared GP gives me an Error "this module already has a function named ...", it does not close the "Open File" dialog but nevertheless the class will be importet correctly.
I think it would be better if GP would delete all functions of a class when the class was deleted.

Is it posible to manually delete souch funktions/methods/shared_blocks?
This module already has a function named.png
GP v079 and v081