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[v079] Script variables and instance variables overlap.

Posted: Mar 11th, '18, 12:11
by MSandro
Hi, I've found the next bug in GP, this time I think it is not only a issue in Linux :D
I've created a instance variable named "y" and I've created a shared block with the script variable named "y".
So I've used (my y) and (y) variable blocks, I thought those are different variable types, but they aren't.

How to reproduce:
  1. create a instance variable named "y" = (my y)
  2. now use the developer mode to get "Script Variables"
  3. use the [let (var) be ""] block to create a script variable.
  4. rename "var" to "y"
  5. drag the (y) block to a empty space in the scripting area.
  6. now you can try to delete the (my y) variable
  7. it will show you a message "Field name still in use: y"
  8. but you never used (my y) in the scripter
  9. also if you change the content of (my y) it will also change in (y)
I think this could cause confusion. Maybe it would be better to separate instance variables and script variables. Okay ..., maybe this is the reson why script variables are not available in regulare mode.

Re: [v079] Script variables and instance variables overlap.

Posted: Mar 11th, '18, 14:06
by JohnM
Thanks for this and your other recent bug reports.

Unfortunately, the research lab I was working for lost their funding. We'd already lost Jens Mönig in a transition about 18 months ago and with the latest change we lost Yoshiki Ohshima. It's now down to just me, and I've been having to spend a lot of my time looking for funding.

However, I'm continuing to work on GP, just more slowly than before. I'm hoping to put together a new version in the next several weeks and will try to fix some of these bugs.

One new feature that I think you'll love is the ability to show and hide method and shared function definitions. This allows you to create classes with much more code without having the scripting pane become cluttered because you can hide the methods you are not actively working on. It also means that if a script gets "lost" from the scripting pane due to a bug, you can get it back again.

So thanks for your patience and stay tuned for v080 soon...

Re: [v079] Script variables and instance variables overlap.

Posted: Mar 11th, '18, 14:20
by MSandro
Thank you very much for your hard work on GP.

Oh dear, that's a pity. I hope you will soon find developers who could help you with GP. It would be a pity if GP will fail because of this reson.

Is GP open source? Or could you possibly provide a guide on how to best help in the development of GP? I know C# and some other programming languages. Also, I'm currently learn C++. The base of GP is written in C++ right? But I think currently the main changes will made in the GP language itself, because the IDE is also made in GP. I currently also try to study how the IDE was build to better understand GP.